Making Your Home Bathroom More Eco Friendly

We are all much more conscious of the impact we have on our planet. Many of us are doing what we can to help reduce the effect we are having on it. There are many ways you can do this, and an excellent place to start in your home is your bathroom. You can do things to make your bathroom much more friendly for the environment and try and help preserve our precious planet.

Below are some of the things you can do to help create an eco-friendly bathroom, so you can do your bit for the earth and help preserve it for future generations.

Your Toilet 

Many people do not realise how much water your toilet uses, and if we want to look after our planet, we need to reduce our water usage. By flushing your toilet five times a day, you can use up to seven gallons of water, so you will want to consider installing a water-saving toilet in your bathroom. If you look at a bath showroom in Esher or one near you, you will see various options for the toilets you can choose for your home. Select one that has a half flush function which you can use when flushing liquid, and you can save a considerable amount of water.

Add Aerators To Your Taps 

Another way to help reduce your water usage is by adding an aerator to your taps. These devices allow air to flow with the water, making a smooth flow that does not splash. It is hard to tell the difference with the naked eye these devices can make, but they will reduce your water usage while keeping a good flow of water coming from your taps. You will need to buy fixtures that have these features built into them, and they can help you make a significant saving on the water you use.

Get Rid Of The Bath 

Another thing that consumes a lot of water is having a bath, which can use up to 36 gallons for the average bath. It is much better to have a shower and reduce the amount of time you spend in it. A ten-minute shower can use as much as 20 gallons of water, so ideally, you will want to have a shower for less than this time. When it comes to bathroom design, the reliable designers at a bathroom store Bracknell or your area has will be able to make a luxurious bathroom with plenty of space when you dump the bath and choose a shower instead.

Add A Timer To Your Shower

If you do opt for a shower in your bathroom instead of a bath, you may want to add a timer to help you control your water usage. You can use a simple timing device or have one installed that shuts off water automatically. You can also select a simple device that looks like an egg timer and sticks to the wall using a suction cup to help you reduce the time you spend in your shower.

You can do other things to help the environment, such as choosing natural and organic products to clean your bathroom. If we all make a concerted effort to use less water and be kinder to the environment, we can have a significant impact on the health of our planet.

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