Pest Control: 3 Different Methods To Choose From

We all know that feeling when an unwelcome guest arrives at our homes and we don’t particularly want to spend time with them. It could be a family member you don’t get on particularly well with or it could be just someone that you are genuinely fond of, but they turn up unexpectedly and it’s just not the right time to receive them.

You must remember the difficulty in telling them that now is not a good time and we can’t seem to get the memory out of our head about the expression on their faces as they turned and left. You wouldn’t wish this kind of experience on your worst enemy and now, imagine experiencing this almost every day and on a very regular basis.

The unwelcome visitor being talked about in this article refers to critters which most of us have dealt with many times before. These critters include general household pests like rats, mice, squirrels, bees and wasps. These are just a small group of the ever-growing amount of pests that we have to deal with. It seems to be a constant battle keeping them out of or away from our property and at certain times, it can also be quite dangerous. This is why you need to call a Sunshine Coast pest control service if you are located in the area. For those who live outside Australia, locating a pest eradication service through Google would be the easiest way. These guys know how to correctly handle the situation and they have all of the right equipment and chemicals.

Many people are now environmentally aware and even though they don’t want these pests on the property, they still want them to be disposed of humanely and when possible moved to a different location. There are a number of different pest control methods and we will explore just a couple of them here today.

  1. Chemical Control Methods

    As indicated by the name, pesticides and insecticides are used to control these particular pests. The reason these are used is that there is no other way to remove them from your property. This would be for things like woodworm and any insects that are just too small to gather up and move or anything that embeds itself inside the materials in and around your property.

  1. Physical Control Methods

    This is the preferred method of people who are concerned about the environment and they don’t want to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal or insect. The pest controller would generally use tools and other equipment to catch and remove the offending animals to a different location.

  1. Biological Control Methods

    In this situation, specific animal diseases are used to control the population of the pest and it could also be about protecting livestock on farms by using other animals to provide that protection. Examples could be dogs, geese and even donkeys.

These are three methods that your pest controller can use to control pests and depending on the circumstances that you find yourself in, one or all of these might need to be used.

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