How To Responsibly Dispose Of Electronics

We all have tons of electronic equipment in our homes and these devices are not designed to last forever. It might be an old game player, or even a beatbox stereo that has long given up the ghost. Whatever the equipment, there are materials that can be recycled. Copper wiring, for example, has a very high value and there would be a significant amount in some appliances and devices.


This has been the buzzword for quite a few years already and you would be surprised at the various metals inside an old computer or radio cassette player. There is a great scrap copper recycling service in Sydney and near your location as well. They will pay you top dollar for all your scrap, sorted or unsorted. You could take the time and effort to disassemble the appliances, or the recycler can extract the various metals; the best prices are for sorted metals that are not contaminated with other materials. 


If a device or appliance is still usable, why not donate it to a charitable organisation? It can then be used by someone who will derive some benefit before the equipment is eventually recycled. Old mobile phones can be sold, either working or not and there are valuable metals used in the making of these devices.

Online Solutions

If you have quite a few electrical appliances and devices that no longer work, search with Google for one of the nearby brass scrap buyers in Sydney or in your area, and they would be happy to arrange a collection. When you sell your scrap to a registered dealer, you can be sure that it will be recycled and that reduces your carbon footprint. 

Correct Disposal Of Electronic Equipment

Of course, the government has very stringent rules and regulations about disposing of electrical goods, which we all should adhere to, as irresponsible dumping of this type of equipment is very bad for the environment. Gone are the days when you can take this type of equipment to a landfill, rather call your local scrap dealer who would be happy to collect the material and recycle it.

Local Scrap Metal Dealers

These are the people to call when you have any kind of waste; most are happy to come and collect the scrap and pay you in cash. You can easily locate such a business with an online search and their website is full of information about the materials they accept. Most will readily take all forms of electronic equipment, even when they aren’t segregated yet. Of course, the price would be lower than if the scrap metals were already sorted.

We are moving into a new era of digital development and that means there are a lot of old electronic devices that need to be recycled. Whenever you wish to dispose of old electrical equipment, remember that it contains a lot of valuable metals that can be removed and recycled. There are probably quite a few items in your home that no longer work and they can be sold to a waste management company for cash.

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