5 Reasons Termite Treatment Can Fail

We have more than our fair share of household pests, that’s for sure, especially if our climate seems to be ideal for insects. The termite is one of the creatures that can actually consume your home! This formidable insect is a very big family, with around 300 species, and there are many reasons for their continued success. 

Here are a few reasons termite treatment can fail:

  1. Failure To Apply Sufficient Product – If dealing with a very large colony, the treatment might kill off most of the soldiers and workers and all that achieves is a depopulation, which can be quickly redressed by the king and queen. If you are self-applying a termite treatment, the odds are with the enemy; after all, you know little about their habits or their abilities. The best solution is to call in the heavy guns in the form of the professional pest exterminator!
  1. Deploying A Product In The Wrong Places – Perhaps this is the biggest reason for a termite treatment to fail. If you don’t target the right locations, your attack will be incomplete and it only needs a few to survive and they will quickly regroup and breed like crazy!
  1. Bad Conditions – Heavy rain, for example, can wash away barriers and deposits. If treated materials are removed or disturbed for any reason, this can result in failure to wipe out the colony, which will quickly grow back to its original size. These insects are closely related to the cockroach, one of the most successful insects.
  1. Failure To Spot Cracks – Termites can enter your home in a number of ways: through cracks in walls and wood, window and door frames, expansion joints and even the attic. No property is safe from these destructive pests and when you move into a new dwelling, you should ask a pest control company to carry out some testing. Tiny cracks that you might think are too small can be a perfect entry point for termites and while other pests merely coexist with us, termites consume our home!
  1. High Level Of Humidity – Termites thrive in damp conditions and even when you treat a property, high levels of moisture can make the treatment ineffective. If you ask your local pest control firm to carry out a few tests, they can recommend ways to make the environment drier. You may need the services of a damp-proofing company, to put in a barrier between the ground and your home.

Termite Treatment

The ideal solution is the installation of termite barrier Sunshine Coast or your city offers. The professionals know very well how to apply an effective barrier that these hardy creatures cannot penetrate. A quick Google search should help you locate a specialist near you to help you deal with your termite problems.

To educate you further, there are two versions of the termite: the worker and the soldier, and the king and queen, which lay the eggs. If the king and queen are not exterminated, the chances of killing the colony off are next to nothing. They simply churn out more workers and soldiers and before very long, the colony is back to full strength and ready for expansion.

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